About Pandemic Influenza Studies

“ Pandemic Influenza containment strategies in Aboriginal communities: what is acceptable and feasible? ”

This research project is about finding ways to control and contain the flu in Aboriginal communities.We beli eve that the current national containment strategies for pandemic influenza will be unsuitable for Aboriginal communities owing to social and cultural differences.Our aims are to work with Aboriginal communities to:

  • find out why it would be difficult to put into practice parts of the National Action Plan to control and contain the flu in rural and remote Aboriginal communities in NSW, Qld and WA;
  • develop culturally appropriate strategies for these communities;
  • develop a common strategy and a toolkit tha t can be changed and used by other communities to their needs.

The goals for our research will be to take what Aboriginal communities say should be changed about the National Action Plan and have state, territory and federal health departments assist these communities to develop flexible approaches to controlling the flu.The way we intend to gather this information is by using a research method called a Participatory Action Research (PAR) framework using mixed-methods.This means we will interview people , study what people say, develop strategies from what people say to develop a toolkit about controlling the flu in Aboriginal communities. (In this project we intend to work with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities)